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A journey within the marvelous protected area of the Cinque Terre National Park will bring you to the village of Monterosso, especially dear to the famous writer, Eugenio Montale. A landscape with Jurassic rocks, sea scales, ancient lemon groves, was a territory that once provided shelter to both fishermen and farmers.

Today Monterosso has not lost its charm, still evident in its rocky landscape and in the ruins of the castle that in the 1200s was a bastion of an imposing defense system against the raids of the Saracens. It has also a marvelous medieval-style old town area. Monterosso is the largest of the Cinque Terre villages and offers the visitor a varied landscape with a wide beach that embraces the entire waterfront. It is an ideal destination for any kind of vacation.

Here, in this dreamlike context, 5 Experiences Rooms and Apartments was born, a unique accommodation solution in the Cinque Terre territory with different types of stays to meet any need, from self-catering to bed and breakfast rooms. We offer a wide range of solutions for accommodations of various kinds, maintaining high quality with fully renovated facilities, equipped with every comfort.

The perfect location for me in Monterosso, within the Cinque Terre National Park.

Ca Mè


A marvelous apartment perfect for those who prefer self-catering while enjoying relaxation amidst greenery. The apartment includes a kitchen, living room, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, terrace, and a swimming pool. Located 800 meters from the sea and the village, it offers shuttle service.

La Scogliera

Apartment Sand
Apartment Rocks

Two splendid separate apartments, perfect for group travelers. These two-bedroom apartments offer sea views and come equipped with all the comforts for a convenient vacation. From the windows guests can admire the Monterosso waterfront, facing the Mà Passu cliff.

Au Mà

Apartment Alba

Apartment Tramonto

Two marvelous separate one-bedroom apartments, both boasting breathtaking sea views overlooking the Monterosso waterfront, right in front of the village station. These apartments are equipped with every comfort, they are spacious, and perfect for those who prefer self-catering while traveling.

Dall'Alba al Tramonto


An apartment located on the third floor overlooking the Monterosso waterfront, directly in front of the village's train station, it features 2 bedrooms accommodating up to 6 guests and offers all the comforts for a stay that feels just like home.

Accommodations in Monterosso for a dream vacation

5 Experiences Rooms and Apartments is the ideal solution for anyone looking to visit the Cinque Terre National Park, specifically the village of Monterosso, which is the largest. We are a resort complex that caters to any need with various types of accommodations ranging from traditional hotels to self-contained apartments and Bed & Breakfast rooms.

All the properties of 5 Experiences Rooms and Apartments in Monterosso are clean, recently renovated, and capable of providing a unique welcome to travelers, who only need to think about how to make the most of their time amidst breathtaking scenery, fabulous sea, and excellent quality food in line with the local tradition that can be enjoyed in our establishments. We are turist solution for anyone, from the traveler in search of tranquility to those who want a seaside vacation not far from the local nightlife.

Experience an unforgettable stay in Monterosso, in the marvelous Cinque Terre National Park. You will love the sea, the landscapes, the typical cuisine, and our hospitality within the accommodation best suited to your needs.

Weddings and Events in the Cinque Terre

Immersed in the grandeur of the Cinque Terre, 5 Experiences Monterosso stands out for offering an unparalleled setting in the heart of this enchanting territory. Amidst its imposing walls and breathtaking views, this venue becomes the perfect backdrop for celebrating unforgettable moments.

With impeccable attention to detail and unparalleled service, 5 Experiences Monterosso is dedicated to making every event, an extraordinary experience, whether it's a wedding, anniversary, or special occasion. Its elegant and refined facilities create an exclusive environment where guests can fully immerse themselves in the surrounding beauty enjoying unmatched comfort.

In this oasis of elegance and beauty, every wedding and event becomes an unparalleled experience, enveloped in the magical atmosphere of the Cinque Terre and enriched by the impeccable service of 5 Experiences Monterosso.

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